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Foosball in Italy, videos and much more...

On this site you will find lots of information and numerous videos related to the greatest champions of this sport... Explorer minimum version required is 7


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If you arrived here means that you have a great passion for foosball (or biliardino, or calciobalilla in Italian ...) as I do now and many young (and not so young) around all Italy and all over the world!

Sign our guestbook for reporting your move! You do not cost anything, it's only one way to show that you go here and that you are passionate about this sport! You can also leave a comment about the site and if you should also provide advice for improvement.

I created this space with the intention to show some videos about this sport and guide visitors to other sites dealing with the same topic in more detail, with a simple click in the section on the Links, trying to make yourself more people now that this is no longer just a pastime! How many of you know by now the passion for foosball was revived for several years, involving more and more every day boys and girls younger. Just see the tournaments from time to time are organized in bars and circles scattered around in Italy...

The following video shows some techniques for marking useful for the goalkeeper (video produced by FICB). Not bad for a start!

Advice to those who are truly passionate about football to go in the section on the Video and take a look, certainly not be disappointed...You'll find various versions of shootings, both the traditional game (con uno spezzone del campione napoletano Amedeo Molino), of the game "on the fly" (with some videos of great Italian champions that many of you know well...just to name a few: the same Molino, Di Vicino, Di Stasi, Romano, Di Napoli...) and the game hook (with a video of the Italian champion Samantha Di Paolo, 1st in world ranking)...and also spectacular stunts of a Cagliari'boy (Giuseppe Argiolas)! In the video "Mondo Roberto Sport" this is also the Belgian champion Frederic Collignon while ciment in the type of game 'doorstep'.

Among those who carried out these shootings, there are also samples around the world (like Adam Imanpoor or Shovelton Alex, just to name two ...) ;-)

In the section Tournament carryover predominantly organized tournaments in Umbria. A special thanks to Andrea Cardinali and Alberto Cappuccio who give so much to be done to extend the passion towards this wonderful sport to more people... thanks guys!

biliardino calciobalilla

For those who do not know in the "traditional" of Italian Regulation foosball provides for the exclusion of hooks, in short, is only allowed first intention game or with the help of the banks. By visiting the website of the "Federazione Italiana Calcio Balilla" you can download the regulation of the two types of game and get an idea, although to learn in depth the regulation is necessary to play both, especially against good honest players who know him well...

Carryover below a small article taken from "Il Corriere dello Sport", 31 October 2005:

SAINT VINCENT - The first problem for the Italians are, for a change, the rules. We here the table's soccer is played with the traditional rules, while in international (schools are more important in Belgium, Germany, France, England and in the United States) are much more permissive: this means that our need to change the way we play every time they go abroad and that, as here, hosting international competitions for foreigners. However, the basic rules are eleven, and these must be added from time to time for those variants of the 'Double flight', 'Door-to-door' and indeed 'international'. To remember, in Italy: the ball is not recovered when it is in play (also because it is dangerous), you can not play ball touched twice in a row by the same 'player' (hook), you can not roll, with the sole exception of the goalkeeper. In the International Regulations are admitted hook, step, stop and roll, drag, commas, so the game is much more static, and it loses much of the show.


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